Doug Susinski Turf

Combination Spiker Seeder


What it Does

The Spiker Seeder can be used for fertilization, as a seeder, top dresser and aerator.


The Spiker Seeder works similar to a drop seeder, with the added benifits of aerating tines that penetrate the greens at a depth of 1½ to 2 inches. The 21 tines are spaces two inches apart, which allows for exceptional greens coverage.


The custom Spiker Seeder allows you to overseed your greens, top dress and cut thatch, allowing air and moisture to get into the soil promoting better root growth.

The Spiker seeder can be pulled behind your mower or a golf cart, and can be used on greens, aprons and tee boxes.

An economical way to perform a variety of jobs and achieve exceptioional results

This unitt comes complete with:
A 30 lb(13.6kg) weight for consistant penetration.
Adjustable flow control mechanism.
Built-in agitator to maintain flow consistancy.
Includes transport lift.
and it's virtually maintenance free!

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